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Connecting talent to opportunities for small and medium sized businesses

ReFlex ("Recruiting Flexibility") is leading a new era of hiring:
We are the independent hiring experts, finding the best talent for small and medium sized businesses.

Your company’s biggest asset is your people

We build custom recruiting solutions to help you find the best talent
in today’s dynamic business environment.
The right people can make a tremendous impact on the success and growth of your company. ReFlex provides you with a sense of relief in knowing that we are here to learn your business, and offer full cycle support from sourcing to hire.
After we identify human capital “gaps”, we help you attract and retain the best talent to help you accelerate your growth.

"Kim’s depth of knowledge in talent acquisition enables her to draw on an array of tools."
This experience, together with her undying drive to succeed has easily provided both short- and long-term value for her clients”

Eric H, Former Head of Global Talent Acquisition for international CPG company

What we're best known for

Recruiting Outsource Partner (RPO) 

  • We will take over your hiring, entirely. You tell us what roles you need to fill, by when and we will help with budgeting and placing the most highly qualified candidates across your organization.
  • Best for: Small businesses who hire between 10-20 employees over the course of a year

Our Famous "Container" Search

  • We fill highly specialized and critical roles and are only compensated at the time of hire
  • Best for: Organizations who have 1-2 specific roles to fill

get to know us...

we are...

  • Agile / Flexible
  • Accountable / Reliable 
  • Tenacious / Efficient
  • Caring
  • Approachable
  • Helpful
  • Cautious
  • Experienced both globally and domestically

We are an agile, transformative, qualified team of recruiters who not only FLEX with your organizations’ RECRUITING needs, but we work quickly, effectively and economically to help you attract and RECRUIT the best talent to fuel your business’ growth. We can “ebb and flow” with you and your business, balance the industry dynamics in partnership with you, and create custom recruiting solutions. 

Led by Kim Dube, Founder & CEO, and supported by a talented group of recruiters who are highly-specialized and tenacious, we meet all types of our client’s needs. 

We know...

…the value of strong team members, and care as much as you do about finding the right people, for the right roles. We work hard to understand your needs

we specialize in...

…finding the most highly qualified people placing high-quality talent across all types of roles, across industries.

we understand...​

…the talent and recruiting needs of small and medium sized businesses and have worked across a variety of industries to help recruit the best talent including, Finance, Manufacturing, technology, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare, and CPG.

why ReFlex exists

We know the business world has changed at an unprecedented rate over the last few years, and employers are struggling more than ever to navigate the turbulent waters of recruiting and retention. We are aware that hiring the right people is oftentimes one of the most costly and time-intensive aspects of growing a small business, but without the right people in the right roles, it’s nearly an impossible feat to grow sustainably. 

who we work with

We work best with small and medium sized businesses.  

We recruit mostly highly skilled professional roles, like:


  • Key Leadership Roles
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Engineering (Electrical, Packaging & Mechanical)
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Research & Development

We look forward to working with you!

We would love to learn more about how we can help you hire the best talent. Tell us more.